Colleges Celebrate and Raise the Stakes

BearthdayAt over 600 college and university campuses around the U.S., ARAMARK Higher Education is helping students and administrators participate in activities that celebrate the 40th birthday of Earth Day, further demonstrating ARAMARK’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Through a nationwide “Happy bEARTHday Earth Day” celebration, ARAMARK-managed campuses will be holding programs during Earth Week that highlight and reinforce the company’s environmental and sustainable mission, including: 

  • Dim the Lights: A program to dim or turn off lights to conserve energy in celebration of Earth Week
  • Weigh the Waste: Various accounts are conducting waste audits to identify reduction opportunities and increase efficiency
  • Bag the Disposable Bag: Reuse! Both paper and plastic bags use natural resources and lead to pollution. Colleges and universities are starting a reusable bag program or promoting the existing program they have in place during Earth Week 2010.
  • Conserve to Preserve: ARAMARK responsibly seeks ways to conserve energy, water and food waste as part of daily business operations and is committed to helping educate our customers on ways they can help.

Earth Week 2010 is also the one-year anniversary of ARAMARK Higher Education’s pledge to the environment, called Green Stakes. Green Stakes is a commitment to influence environmental change at all of our university campuses through energy and water conservation, recycled paper product purchases, green cleaning product usage and fryer oil waste diversion.

So far, the company is:

  • Diverting 100% - nearly 500,000 gallons – of fryer oil waste
  • Implementing energy and water conservation programs throughout their operations
  • Converting $25 million of paper products to recycled content
  • Increasing sustainable food purchasing on campus, exceeding their original goal of 5% per year (28% in 2009)

In addition, more than 65% of ARAMARK-managed campus dining locations have now gone “trayless” in their dining halls, reducing food waste by more than 14 million pounds.

Read more in the press release or follow the team’s environmental stewardship efforts on Twitter @GreenThreadU.